Thursday, November 5, 2015

Since I Stopped Using Careprost

I had been a religious user of Careprost since my first order in 2009 when they were $10.00/bottle and I stopped using it a few months ago. I must say that I am pretty sad about it. It was an easy decision, though. Since it's best to order the bottles in large quantities, it was not possible for me to justify dropping $80-90 on a beauty product with a baby on the way. Since I'm the primary breadwinner in our family while my husband is in school, and I will be out of work for 12 weeks, we have had to cut out some unnecessary desirables from our budget. Sadly, my Careprost didn't make the cut and I ran out of product in July.

A few weeks after I ran out, my lashes and brows became noticeably shorter and less voluminous. I try to compensate with extra mascara but it's just not the same. Some days I consider putting on false lashes but they just look too fake, take up too much of my morning routine, and I don't like how they feel. The good part is that being pregnant means less of my head hair sheds, so that feels thicker! I do love that.

When the hubster graduates and gets a steady income, I will definitely be ordering a huge supply of Careprost to last me another 5+ years! And order some extras for my mom and aunt who have also come to love the stuff.