Monday, June 28, 2010

How do I get longer, natural eyelashes?

I've done quite a bit of research on this subject. Most of us interested in adding length and/or volume to our lashes might have heard of the product Latisse, which came out in early 2009, I believe. It's active ingredient (the one that makes the lashes grow) is bimataprost, which is used to treat glaucoma (and was discovered as having a very nice side effect on lash lushness). The cosmetic industry says we who long for lashes can get this FDA-approved version of the bimataprost specifically prescribed for eyelash use for ~$120 per bottle (Latisse). DO NOT GIVE IN AND BUY THIS. This is an absurd rip off. For the effect, it may seem worth it to some. However, you can buy the generic version of this product without a prescription for only $10 per bottle. 
The generic is called Careprost. It has the same amount of the same active ingredient bimatoprost in the same size bottle for over $100 less the cost. This amazing deal used to exist as Lumigan, but now they require a prescription for it (someone caught on that they were selling this glaucoma medication with out prescription). The pharmacy where you can buy it is online at "all day chemist [dot] com".
The bottles are $10 each (or $11 if you don't do good enough research), and shipping is a flat $25.
In addition to having maximum results around weeks 5-7, some ladies have experienced dry or itchy eyes and some shedding, however these occur in only some who use it, and usually they experience this unwanted side effects because they are applying too much or are getting it in their eyes.
Some have seen results in 2 weeks, and for some it has taken up to 5 or 6 to see anything change, however, the changes did come and Careprost has done wonderful things for these girls.
Some use two drops for both top eyelash lines and both eyebrows, however I think this is too much as you may experience itchy, dry eyes and your bottles running out faster than necessary. I think it is wise to put one drop on a plastic surface and apply it with a small-tipped piece of plastic (preventing waste in absorption from an eyeliner brush, for instance).
So, let me share with you my experience thus far, and I will continue to do updates on here to share my progress.  Enjoy :)
I placed an order through the aforementioned website on Wednesday, June 16. I ordered 8 bottles of Careprost for about $105. I received an email confirming my purchase, and another email on Friday the 18th that my order had shipped. I signed for the package at my doorstep on Thursday, June 23 (that was fast!). It came with my 8 boxes, and they included some eyeliner brushes, and my order confirmation.
I apply the product once a day (usually at night, but I don't think it matters). I squeeze out most of a drop (before it actually falls), and spread that onto a piece of plastic I have. Then I use the end of a bobby pin (non-permeable plastic surface that's small enough) to apply the product. I get as close to the root of my eyelash hairs as I can without getting it into my eye, and I use just enough to really moisten the lash line. I always have plenty left over, so I put that where I want fuller eyebrows. The bobby pin doesn't pick up ALL the liquid, so I use my fingertip after it starts getting really low, and just wipe across my whole brows. Nothing wasted! And I don't even use a full drop. :)
Progress: These are my "before" pictures. My right brow is comparatively sparse, as you can see in the makeup-less first picture. The right lashes are curled with a eyelash curler, the left eyelashes are just normal. Not remarkable in any way. In the second photo, I curled and put mascara on both lashes and filled in my brows somewhat with a pencil. Sorry for the crappy resolution. My digital camera's brokened. ='(
It's been 5 days of using this product (the sixth time will be tonight). I don't expect any results in the next week or two really, because I know that people really start noticing a difference around the 4th week or so.