Saturday, February 13, 2010


Dear computer friends,
I'm at the airport. Security checkpoint was the horrendous, chaotic hassle I always anticipate it will be. The worst is over now. All there is to do is to be at my gate -- I can see it from here -- when they start boarding and make sure I stuff my crap into two carry-on bags. There's not much juice in my laptop and I'm too lazy to find a place to plug it in, so I'm not going to bother with that. I'll let it die when it's time comes, then probably continue reading Twilight. The last half of the book is not my favorite, but I can't start something without finishing it and still feel like an accomplished person. I'm weird like that.
I should be more excited than I am about going to Utah today for the next five or six days. Probably because my excitement has had a pall of pain has been cast over the day. It'll work itself out in time.
I smell greasy fast food and it makes my stomach turn, but I am hungry and it's either fast food or convenient store food. Ugh. I hate airports.