Saturday, December 19, 2009

Fruit Booter

I hate this whole not having a job thing. Seriously, I'm getting stir-crazy up in here. The high lack of response from most emails is pretty disheartening. I suppose an on-call job is better than no job at all?? Did I just say that? Yes, I think I just said that. Yes, it is better. I need to make some moneys!
I've tried to be more physically active this week, at the expense of my darned hip. I'm only 23; I shouldn't be having HIP PROBLEMS! On Monday, I went walking; Wednesday, I went for a bike ride; Thursday, I walked and played volleyball. Yesterday, I was going to go ice skating, but that didn't work out, unfortunately. Maybe I will go roller blading today. Fruit-booting, as my old friends would call it. Hahaha.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Small Talk

Well, my beloved reader, I'm feeling a lack of creativity at the moment, so I will just go straight in to updating. The BYU application is in, and ASU's is due next month. Secretly, if I get in anywhere, I want it to be BYU, just because their program is 100% awesomer than ASU's. Somehow, though, I'm thinking I won't get in to either school because I feel like I'm lacking something. Ugh.... excuse me, it's just that my laffy taffy is not very laffy at all. ANYWAYS....

I learned something new about myself recently. I don't dislike people, or even approaching them... and my sometimes utter refusal to do so is not driven by a lack of self-confidence. The truth is, in fact, that I totally hate small talk. It is absolutely shallow and is a pathetic way for "popular" people to make "friends". Sometimes witty small talk can make a good conversation starter, but I don't think it should ever be dwelled on. It is not unique; anyone can say "Nice weather". You learn nothing about a person from it, except in cases where people like myself who hate the stuff, try to turn it into maybe something deeper. I want to find more people like that; people who want to truly know the person under the shell. Everyone has a shell, but no two people have the same depth. A really cool person won't ask you and everyone else the same questions over and over again, attempting to "get to know" you. They will find out what makes you tick, what kind of sense of humor you have, what nerves not to hit, etc just from talking to you about the room lighting. I think a person who can recognize that is the kind of person I want to get to know. So, you can approach me and talk to me, but don't ask me my line of work, whether I'm in school, who I live with, etc... if you break down my wall by showing me that you REALLY care, then you can ask those questions later. DO comment on what the type of drink says about which stereotypical party we're at. Silly, witty, thoughtful banter usually wins me as long as you aren't being boastful.
That being said, I feel a lot better because I know that it's not an aversion to people or making friends or a lack of self confidence. Sweet.

Ok well I have a job interview soon, so Imma get ready for that now. Ciao!